Today’s buyers are savvier than ever. There are so many tools at their disposal and, as a result, they are educated about your home’s competition. Impression is everything.

When you choose to list with Brad Christopher & PLG Estates, you and your home will get the ultimate, full-service concierge treatment as part of creating the perfect narrative for your home.  By maximizing the exposure of your home to the largest possible, matching audience across the globe, you're home will spend fewer days on the market and allow you to maximize your value.  

Our buyer representation goes above and beyond, starting with our pre-listing design consultation and continuing every step of the way until the close of escrow. There is no step of the process that we won’t be there by your side to guide you through. Our representation might technically end at the close of escrow, but our loyalty to you as a client is forever. We understand that just because the sale of your property may be complete, that doesn’t mean you won’t still have questions or need recommendations. Our clients are like family and our service to that family continues long after your transaction is complete.  

Selling is NOT about the product, selling is about the relationship and creating connections with people.
It’s not about WHAT you are selling, it’s about WHO you are selling to.