When you choose to list with Brad Christopher & PLG Estates, you and your home will get the ultimate treatment as part of creating the perfect narrative for your home.  By maximizing the exposure of your home to the largest possible, matching audience across the globe, you're home will spend fewer days on the market and allow you to maximize your value.  




We believe is an essential requirement for us to obtain the highest and best results is to stage a home.  Staged homes, most often, sell for significantly more than comparable homes that are not staged.  Staging, with the help of one of our top interior designers, will give the home a personality and voice.  It would most likely not possess without.  With residential sales being largely driven by emotion the more we can sculpt the emotional landscape with the aid of design and staging we exponentially increase our chances of an increased sales price.




Photography is invaluable to our media efforts.  We hire only the best editorial photographers with an innate ability to tell the story of each home.  Often overlooked by others, we overthink and nurture every pixel prior to our extensive media campaigns.  We recognize that our frames are often the frontlines for potential end users thus we tenderly handle every aspect of this part of our media creation with the gravity and respect that it deserves.  More often than not, great photographs mean the difference between feet crossing the threshold or not, which is precisely why we use only the best whose work is published in some of the most recognizable publications on the planet today.


Video Strategy


Video is the ace up the sleeve of the PLG Marketing engine. Our very own CEO is looked upon as one of the leading real estate social media strategists in the world.  A frequent keynote speaker as such prestigious events such as the renowned Inman Conferences where PLG has spoken multiple times to thousands of eager real estate professionals from around the world. Truly seen as a company on the bleeding edge of all things "social" PLG is often copied but never emulated. Without doubt PLG Estates is the leading force in Los Angeles with all things media.


Social Media


At PLG Estates, we are consistently in the Nation's Highest View Counts on Social Media


Global Reach


PLG Estates is a member of several networks of international affiliate brokerages that span the globe and illuminate residents to our services, products, and listings in every corner of the globe.  In addition to our sister international companies we directly market all of our properties to over 147 countries directly including but not limited to Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia.


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