When one wins, we all win

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran in the real estate game, buying a home can be very emotional process.  It's highly complex and it puts a huge part of most people’s net worth at risk.  Where you live is so much an extension who you are and what your lifestyle is, it’s where you will lay your head down at night, where your kids will go to school (if you have them), and for many it can be the largest financial investment of their lifetime.   There are a lot of folks out there who think an agent’s main role is “matching” a buyer and a seller, when it is actually to provide both professional and personal guidance to buyers and sellers through one of the scariest moments of their lives.  Buying a home is probably the most personal investment you will ever make and, as your agent, I promise to reciprocate with my own personal investment in you as my client.  Trust on both sides of the table leads to success.  My role is that of a coach or a quarterback of a football team .  I will advise and guide you through the transaction process, ensuring transparency and providing advice and even emotional support, every step of the way while making sure that the results are always in line with the goal.    


The City of Angels

Revival. Reinvention. Resurgence. Renaissance. Whatever it is, it’s real and it makes it such an exciting time to own property in Los Angeles, not to mention profitable.  The city is transforming all around us, right before our eyes.  We find ourselves in an extremely competitive marketplace and I believe requires the guidance of someone who can 'think outside the box'.  At PLG Estates, I'm proud to be part of a culture that dances to the beat of its own drum.  


Invest for Success

Looking for investment property? Want to learn how to create passive income? How to supplement your mortgage through short term rental services such as Airbnb, VRBO, One Fine Stay, and Pillow?  Want tips on flipping properties?  You no longer need to be intimidated by lack of knowledge surrounding real estate investment.  We have you covered in more ways than one.  Not only will we teach you about real estate investment, but we will walk you through the actual process along the way.  Invest in your future today and you're future will thank you tomorrow (well, maybe not quite tomorrow but you get the idea)!


Single Family Homes